Dedication / Offering

This book/blog is dedicated to the awakening and healing of humanity, and the healing of planet Earth.  It is for people who are willing to see and feel our dire planetary situation as it really is – and yet still hold the vision and “dream the great dream” of peace, freedom, and social and spiritual evolution.

It is a book for lovers – for those who love and cherish the Earth, our home, and the countless animals and plants that live here with us. It is for those who would respect and cooperate with nature, rather than always trying to control, change, manipulate.  It is for those who can feel the needless suffering of humanity, and know there is a better way.  It is for those who know or sense that a deep transformation of human consciousness, and our ways of relating to each other and the Earth, is not only possible but is already well under way – living, growing, gradually emerging… a difficult, courageous, spectacular birthing.

And most of all, it is for men and women everywhere who are struggling to comprehend and embrace the tremendous contradictions, conflicts, terrors, joys, and longings boiling up within us and within every society on our planet … as we collectively move deeper into a new phase of conscious human evolution.